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Dr. Francisco is a warm, enthusiastic, hardworking, trustworthy, fun, and compassionate physician with a heart to provide health care including natural non-surgical approaches to treat many orthopedic conditions both acute and chronic.  As a boy at 6 years old, Dr.Francisco was given a toy medical kit for Christmas by his mom and a passion for helping others was born.  After graduating from Florida International University in Miami, Dr. Francisco received his degree and for the next thirteen years, he trained and practiced physical medicine in Florida, Texas, Oregon, and Washington while starting a non-profit called Christian Chiropractors for God (CCG) where health care was brought to remote and underserved communities in his own country of Nicaragua in Central America.

Dr. Miranda traveled to a place called La Chureca (Nicaraguan slang for city dump) which was the municipal domestic and industrial waste-disposal site in the capital of Managua.  It was the largest open-air landfill in Central America, covering 7 km2 in the north-western corner of Managua.  Even though Dr. Francisco had a secure and rewarding future in Chiropractic medicine, he had a career-changing experience while on a mission trip to a remote area in Nicaragua.  A crying mother brought her child to the field clinic with his lower leg filled with pus and it was evident that an infection was spreading quickly.  With a sorrowful heart, Dr. Francisco had to turn them away to a more urgent care facility for care because at the time, he didn’t have the training to care for the boy.  The nearest hospital was 4 hours away and they had no transportation.  While on his flight home, Dr. Francisco could not get them off his mind and felt a thought deep down in his soul say “I have something more for you”.

He meditated and prayed about those words and searched out possible medical schools to attend.  He ran across an organization in Nicaragua which provided Naturopathic care in an island in the middle of Nicaragua.  He researched Naturopathic Medicine, saw all the possible benefits for the underserved populations through botanical/herbal medicine while having an emphasis in preventive and primary care.  This was a perfect marriage between his background in pain management and a future in primary care.  He quickly applied, finished his degree and began his journey to his new future.  Dr. Francisco still owns a clinic in Leon, Nicaragua to serve rural communities of Northwestern Nicaragua.  

He has gone on to receive further medical training in non-surgical orthopedic chronic pain therapies such ultrasound-guided injections which have 100% accuracy of placement and are done completely under sterile conditions helping patients break out of the pain cycle and return to an active lifestyle.  He continues to provide ethical, loving, and empathetic care for his patients which is reflected by being the founder of Nature Care—a non-profit dedicated to serving our community through natural medicine.

Training: Bastyr University 

  • Naturopathic Medical Doctor with a background in Chiropractic Medicine.

  • Chiropractic Assistant in Sports Medicine

  • Applied Kinesiology (2 years) University of Western States (Portland, Or). 

  • The American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy Regenerative Medicine trained/Active Member 

  • The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI) PRP & Regenerative Medicine symposium trained & Ultrasound physician (Basics course – Volunteer Teaching Assistant)


  • Ozone IV's, Pain, Regenerative Medicine, Ultrasound Guided Injections, PRP Injections, Prolotherapy, Neural Therapy/Neural Pain Reprogramming, Ozone Therapy, Arthritis, Osteopathic Manipulation, Musculoskeletal Systems

Hobbies and interests: 

  • Nutrition and Exercise: While in high school, Dr. Francisco qualified for State Championships in track and Cross Country. He also wrestled and played organized baseball for over 10 years. He continues his passions by golfing, hiking and jogging throughout the beautiful Pacific NW. 

  • Travel and Mission work: Dr. Francisco has traveled to over 30 countries as a missionary and lay Pastor where he has experienced many cultures, food, and how beautiful our differences can be if filtered through the eyes of love.

  • Leisure activities: Dr. Francisco loves to surf and spend time on the beach as he grew up on the beaches of Miami. Now in the Pacific NW, he has translated those skills to skiing and snowboarding which he does every winter.

Insurances accepted: Dr. Francisco does not accept insurance but offers the 30, 60, 90 Principe through Nature Care to reduce cost.

Days at Office: Thursdays, Fridays

Languages Spoken: Spanish

Accepting New Patients: Yes!

Accepting New Doctor Preceptors: Yes!

Dr. Francisco Miranda: Meet the Team
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