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A place where neighbors help neighbors.

Welcome to Nature Care, we are a non-profit clinic where medicine is what medicine was meant to be—a blessing. 

At Nature Care, we are dedicated to serving our community through natural medicine which takes us from the past staples and foundations of natural medicine to the future of healing through regenerative sciences—both promoting self-healing holistically.

Nature Care is a nonprofit that aims to bring affordable healthcare to those who are uninsured by breaking through financial barriers to healthcare. Medical funds raised by Nature Care will continue to pay it forward by delivering the same high-quality healthcare to our naighbors in need and 3rd world nations such as Dr. Francisco’s home country of Nicaragua.

​The core of our efforts is to combine our medical expertise and passion to provide medical care to those in need.  Through all of our endeavors, we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs.  Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others.

Our services are in hopes of providing the best care for you and your loved ones.  We look forward to meeting you.

Call Us at 971-272-1954

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  • Naturopathic

    1 hr
  • For Osteoarthritic pain & tendon tears using Anti-inflammatory Ozone

    45 min
  • IV Ozone (10 Pass Technique) - IV ozone/blood immunotherapy treatment

    1 hr
  • Harness & amplify your natural growth factors/cells to regrow tissue.

    1 hr 30 min
  • Improve support, function & reduce pain (Surgical scars respond well)

    45 min
  • Gentle Musculoskeletal Manipulation (NMT)

    30 min
  • As a nonprofit clinic, we offer discounts for all those who qualify!

    15 min
  • Not sure which service would be best for you? We'll help!

    15 min
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